The Château Royal has been home to many Lords and Kings from 970-1850. Within the chapel Leonardo da Vinci is buried due to his friendship with King François 1st. Due to François 2nd marriage to Mary Queen of Scots the War of Religions began, resulting in the kidnapping of King François 2nd from the Château d’Amboise. From 1574 less royals lived in the Château d’Amboise instead using it as a stop when traveling. 

Built in 1471 and gifted to da Vinci by King François 1st for being the ‘first painter, engineer and kings architect’ da Vinci lived in the Close Lucé from 1515 to his death in 1519. He spent his years here drawing, teaching and designing towns. The surrounding land contains 20 working models of da Vinci and 40 translucent canvases suspended in the trees.

The Pagoda de Chanteloup built in 1775 sits at a hight of 44 meters, from the top a panoramic view of the Loire Valley can be seen.